Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Share Pee U program?

“Share_Pee_U” Program is the one that you can invite your family members and friends who have never used the MPT4U application to use MPT4U then you and the invited one will get a free bonus of 2000 Kyats.

2.When is the promotion period ?

Promotion period start form October (12 ) to until further notice.

3. How to participate "Share Pee U" program?

MPT4U users can participate by sending invitation to their friends from the “Share Pee U” Banner and “Share Pee U” Icon of MPT4U to download and login MPT4U app.

4. Who can Participate in this "Share Pee U" program?

All MPT4U users can participate in this “Share Pee U” program.

5. What rewards can we get from this "Share Pee U" Program?

Both Invitor and Receiver will get 2,000Ks from this “Share Pee U” program.

6. What is the reward expiration date?

The reward expiration is 5 days.

7. How can we use this reward ?

You can use MPT-MPT voice ,sms with pay as you go rates. Not allowed buy package and transfer to others.

8. What kind of person can we send invitation ?

We can send invitation to MPT sim card users who have never logged in MPT4U before.

9. How can invitor know whether his friends are alrady logged in at MPT4U or not?

Invitor will receive Error Message when he invite to his friends whose sim has been already logged in MPT4U.

10. Which condintion we can get for this 2,000Ks reward?

Both invitor and receiver will receive 2,000Ks when the Receiver downloads from the link in the invitation sms, log in to the MPT4U app and enter the invitor’s phone number ssuccessfully in the pop up box , both of them will receive a prize.

11. Is there any count limition for invitor for the day?

No.There is no limitation to send invitation.

12. Is there any count limition for Receiver for the day?

The receiver is only allowed to successfully complete the offer once, and he/she can also invite to other friends to win more prizes.

13. Are the Invitor and Receiver received same reward?

Yes, The Invitor and Receiver will get same reward .

14. Can we send invitation sms to other operators number ?

No,we can only send MPT sim.

15. How many times can we send invitation for one MSISDN within a day?

There is no limitaiton for ivitation for one MSISDN within a day.

16. If I got more than one reward, will the term of the rewards be extended to the term of the last reward won?

No.Rewards will not be merged.

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