MPT Dome Pyan Internet Service

1.What is Dome Pyan Home Fiber Internet?

Dome Pyan Home Fiber Internet is Unlimited high-speed internet service with affordable price, which is provided by MPT. 

2. What is different from ADSL?

  • ADSL service is with copper cable access, while FTTH is with optical fiber access.
  • Optical fiber access can provide a more stable internet connection than copper cable. (For example, during the rain, an internet connection will be more stable with optical fiber)

3. What is Dome Pyan Plan?

Monthly Fees Fiber Internet Mobile Benefits (into 5 Mobile Numbers)
32,000Kyats 15Mbps 1GB
100 Mins [On-Net]
Unlimited SMS [On-Net]
43,000Kyats 25Mbps 1GB
100Mins (On-Net)
Unlimited SMS(On-Net)
76,000Kyats 50Mbps 2GB
100Mins (On-Net)
Unlimited SMS(On-Net)
120,000Kyats 100Mbps 3GB
200Mins (On-Net)
Unlimited SMS(On-Net)

4. Is Dome Payn fiber Internet plan data unlimited or not?

Yes, Dome Payn fiber Internet plan is unlimited data.

5. Can I enjoy 22Mbps/30Mbps/60Mbps/110Mbps all the time?

Our service is best effort basis and 22Mbps/30Mbps/60Mbps/110Mbps are the maximum speed customers can enjoy. When the service is used by many customers simultaneously, the speed may be slower than those maximum speed. However, MPT will secure a certain speed for each user to be able to use the internet even when the service is congested.

6.How can I register for Dome Pyan fiber internet plan?

Customer can subscribe at MPT website, nearest MPT counters, MPT’s sale agents, MPT4U application chatbot, and can apply via hotline. For more details, please call to our call center number 2800/18652800.

7. What is the payment term and how should I make payment?

All the customers are required to pay for the service in advance and payment can be made at MPT’s branded shop, MPT Pay application, MPT GSM Top-up payment, e-banking (KBZ, CB, AYA) and other MPT’s partner’s shop and also through by CITY MART၊ JUNCTION၊ OCEAN၊ SUPERONE၊ MYANMA APEX BANK ၊ UNITED LIVING MALL and other MEB payment channels shops easily.

8. How can I check the billing information?

(1) Customer can make a call to hotline 2800/18652800, input your account code, OTP and check the bill.
(2) Customer can check the bill from MPT4U application (auto chatbot system), input your account code, OTP and check the bill.

9. What is the upgrade or downgrade policy?

Customers can upgrade or downgrade the speed at any time. However, in the case of customers downgrade the speed, there will be a one-time fee of 10,000 Ks. And customer needs to apply 5 working days prior to the first day of the month on which upgrade/downgrade becomes effective.

10. Can I stop using Dome Pyan fiber internet plan temporally?

Customers can request for temporary line close for maximum of 3 months with one-time fee of 10,000 Ks. And customer needs to apply 5 working days prior to the first day of the month on which temporary line close becomes effective. These change requests can be applied at MPT’s TRA Shops.

11.My ONU is broken. How should I do?

Firstly, please check the trouble shooting page if you can solve the problem or not. ( ) If you need to replace your ONU, we will charge 50,000Ks and deliver new ONU.

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