MPT Bundle Benefit User Manual

1. Bundle Service

This bundle service is for those who are using MPT ADSL/Dome Pyan Fiber Internet service and mobile together. Some quota for mobile usage will be pushed to MPT mobile for using MPT fixed services and mobile together.

2. What are the bundle benefits?

• New mobile quota will be pushed (2am) 15th day of every month if customer’s ADSL/Dome Pyan Fiber Internet Service lines are active.

• If customer’s ADSL/Dome Pyan Fiber Internet Service line is one way block/temporary line close on 15th of the month, the bonus will be pushed only when their line is active again.

• Regardless of the day customer receive the mobile quota, the validity of them will be expiered on 14th day (11:59pm) of every month.

3. How to Register Main Mobile Number?

Firstly, one MPT number needs to be registered as main number, and the other sub numbers can be registered from main number by customer themselves.

Existing Fixed Service Users

  • Call to 106 (or)
  • Go to specified MPT offices (check the below list)
  • Provide DSL number from invoice (or) red-book (phone book) and name, NRC number or such for verification
  • Provide one MPT number as main phone number.

Newly subscriber for Fixed service

  • Provide one MPT number to be registered as main mobile number at application of Dome Pyan Fiber Internet Service /ADSL service.

4. How to register Sub Mobile Numbers?

Sub numbers can be registered by customers themselves from their main mobile number through USSD code.

Through USSD, main number can

  • Register sub number
  • Change sub number
  • Remove sub number

5. What are the conditions to receive the bundle benefit?

  • ADSL/ Dome Pyan Fiber Internet Service needs to be Active to receive the mobile benefit. Customers who pay the monthly fee of Dome Pyan Fiber Internet Service /ADSL later than 15th of the month, the bundle benefit to mobile number will not be received. Only when the payment is done and the ADSL/ Dome Pyan Fiber Internet Service line is active again, the bundle benefit will be pushed to the mobile numbers.
  • One registered mobile number will receive only one time of bundle benefit in 30 days period (15th of the month to 14th of next month) for one ADSL/ Dome Pyan Fiber Internet Service account. Depending on the ADSL/ Dome Pyan Fiber Internet Service subscription plan, maximum 3 mobile numbers for ADSL and maximum 5 mobile numbers for Dome Pyan FTTH can receive the bundle benefit.
  • Newly registered mobile number will get the bundle benefit from mid night (2am) – notification SMS will be next day morning.
  • Benefit receiving numbers should be MPT numbers only. One-way block, two-way block, terminated SIMs are not eligible to receive benefit. Those numbers will receive the benefit when they become active.
  • Base tariff users will not get the data quota, but they will get the voice and SMS quota. To eligible to receive the data quota, user needs to change to Swethahar.
  • Terminated/One-way block/Suspended/Temporary Line Close of ADSL/ Dome Pyan Fiber Internet Service customers are not eligible to receive the benefit to mobile.
  • Free subscription lines/uncharged lines such as MPT serviced lines are not eligible to subscribe this bundle service.

Specified MPT Offices To Register Main MPT Mobile Number

State & Region Township Address
Ayeyarwaddy Hinthada Bo Chute Road, LatThaMar Block, Hintada
Myaung Mya MyaGoneYe Road, Block (8), Myaung Mya
Maubin Block (3), KanNar Road, Maubin
Pharpon Block (11), Second Road, Pharpon
Pathein Mahar Bandula Road, Pathein
Bago (East) Taungoo SarThite Road, Taungoo
Bago Min Road, Bago
Bago (West) Tharyawaddy Min Tan Road, Tharyawaddy
Pyay Yat Kan St, Kyaung Kyi Oo Tan Ward, Pyi
Chin Hakha Hakha-Matupi main Rd, Zaythit Qter(Blk), Hakha (MPT Chin State Manager Office)
Kachin Bamaw Min Kone Block, SarTite Street, Bamaw
Myitkyina Ayar Block, SaMar St, x General Aung San Road, Myitkyina
Kayah Loikaw 6th St, Loikaw City (MPT Manager Office)
Kayin Hpa-an Thu Da Nu Rd, Hpa-An
Magway Magway No.(1), Buddha Kone Block, Pakkoku
Thayet PyiTawAye Block, SarTite Road, Thayet
Aung Lan (11) Road, TaYawKone Block, Aung Lan
Magway (5) Point Road, Magway
Mandalay Myingyan Compound of General Council Office in the Post Office
Pyinmana Paung Laung (17) Street, Near the Rose Point
Meikhtila South of Myoema Bazza, Upper from Post Office
Mandalay 80 x 81/ 26x 25 MPT Office, Aung Myay Thar Zan Township
Mon Thaton NanKae Block, SarThite Road, Thaton
Mawlamyine Baho Road, SittKaeKone Block, MawYaWati Garden (East), Mawlamyaing
Naypyitaw Naypyitaw Zabuthiri, Bawga Theik Di Qtr, S12 Exchange, Naypyitaw
Rakhine Sittwe Kyaung Kyi St Ward, Bawdi Rd, Sittwe
Sagaing Sagaing PanPaeTan Block, Near GoneKyaw, Saggaing
Kalay SateKanThar Road x Bo Chutte Road, PinLone Block, Kalay
Monywa YoneGyi Block, YoneGyi Road, Monywa
Shan (East) Tarchilek HninSi Road, Wan Kaung Block, Tarchilek
Kyaing Tong Block (1), SonMoon Road, Kyaingtong
Shan (North) Lashio Thartanar 2500 phayar street, Qtr1, Lashio
Shan (South) Taunggyi No. (36), General Aung San Road, ThitTaw Block, Taungyi
Tanintharyi Myeik AyeYeikChaung Road, KaLwin Block, Myeik
Kawthaung Paduak ShweWar Block, Compound Road, Kawthaung
Dawei No.(74), Middle Road, KaNyun Block, Dawei
Yangon Yangon No.103, 40-Street, Kyauktatar Township
Yangon Division Toon Tay Pagoda Road, MinPaing Block, Toon Tay
Mhwabi On the Yangon - Pyay Road, Thite Kyi Block, Mhwabi
Thanlyin No. (30), Myima (North), LanMaDaw Road, Thanlyin

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