Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is MPT4U? What services can we access ?

MPT4U Apps is one stop application for all MPT services . And, it can use the MPT4U app with Myanmar Version .
User can use below features from MPT4U.
-Balance check
-Topup bill, Take Loan, Balance Transfer
-Daily phone bill and VAS usage check
-Purchase the packages
-Can gift packages to others
-Remaining packages balance check
-My Subscription
-Call service
-Tu Tu Chat
-Check FAQs
-Get MPT Ring Tune
-Check the MPT Club points & Redeem points with data,voices,sms and etc..
-Access to Lotaya Portal
– MPT4U game Services etc..)

2.How to download MPT4U?

Please check every steps of MPT4U App download and install from below link.
Android Customers can dial *4040# or through Lotaya website to Download/Upgrade for FREE. For IOS users, they can only update/download from App Store. It is not free to download application for iOS, there will be some data charges to download the App from App Store.

3. How to use MPT4U App?

Please follow below steps to use MPT4U App.
1. Access mobile data
2. Tap the MPT4U app in the phone
3. Will reach to the main screen of App
User can use whatever his/her required services.

4. Why I can't log in to the MPT4U and it stops at the loading page?

You need to make sure to disable the VPN, clear the cache in the settings and try to use it again.
If the problem persists, we would like to recommend updating to the latest version of MPT4U.

5. How can I check my MPT4U App version? What is new version of MPT4U and What is the minimum Android and iOS version required to use new version MPT4U?

– You can check version from the Setting page on Side bar menu
– New version of MPT4U is IOS : 1.4.14 Android : 4.4.7.
– If Android is less than “6” and iOS is less than “10”, users could not use for new version of MPT4U .

6. Why I can’t install MPT4U App from Play Store?

You need to disable the VPN and you must have the minimum Android version 6 required to use the MPT4U. We also recommend to download from the *4040# link.

7. Why I can’t install MPT4U App from App Store?

You need to disable the VPN and you must have the minimum OS version 10 required to use the MPT4U.

8. I can't play Hti Pauk in the MPT4U even though I have the chance.How can I do?

We recommend that you need to do clear the cache in the settings and also request to try again from the second link of *4040# .
If the problem persists, we recommend updating to the latest version of MPT4U.

9. If we can't log in, can't play Hti Pauk,display Loading time out and face white screen, how can we do?

– Disconnect the VPN first
– Log in again
– To clear the data in the phone setting
– Download the latest version of MPT4U via *4040# link.)

10. Do I need VPN to use MPT4U,without internet? Are there any additional charges by using MPT4U App and which functions can i use in MPT4U without internet?

– Yes, you can use MPT4U with or without any VPN. However, using MPT4U with VPN, you may need to enter with OTP.
– MPT4U is always free of cost for using on MPT network.
– Currently you can use below functions on MPT4U when there is no internet.
i. Check your balance.
ii. Check daily usage.
iii. Topup by voucher card. (for yourself and can gift also)
iv. Package Purchase. (for yourself and can gift also)
v. Special Offers Purchase
vi. Get Loan Balance
vii. Balance Transfer to friends and family.
viii. Check MPT Club Points and Redeem.
ix. Play Hti Pauk.
x. Check history of Topup, Package purchase
xi. Use call services, etc.
– You can also play Hti Pauk in MPT4U as regularly. However, please note that sometimes the response might be slow.

11. What function I Can Not use in MPT4U, without internet?

If there is no mobile internet, you can not use following functions in MPT4U.
i. Some entertainment services such as (Mahar, Viu, Mobile Legends, MPT Recommended Videos, MNL, MPT Ballone)
ii. Some information and other services such as News, Dhamma, Horoscope, Insurance Health, Gambia, Quiz, etc.
iii. Other social media links of MPT (Viber, Line, Facebook)

12. Can MPT4U App use with other networks?

MPT4U can use not only with MPT but also with other network and Wifi.It will be the FOC if login with MPT network.

13. How can I upgrade MPT4U App?

Android Customers can dial *4040# or through Lotaya website to Download/Upgrade for FREE. For IOS users, they can only update/download from App Store.

14. Can I download and install to use New version MPT4U if my phone is low version ?

User can install the App, but, cannot use some functions & App which will log out automatically.

15. How can I change language ?

Under the Setting icon on Side Bar menu, you can change language .

16. How can I change icons on Home screen?

– We cannot change 4 defaults icons on top home screen.
– If you want to change other icons, click edit from Service and you can edit or change by dragging the icons as you like .

17. How many days history I can check for each usage group?

You can check Real Time Balance, Up to 90 Days Daily Usage, 6 month histroy of Top up and Package Purchase under Account Details

18. Where can I check my history of Top Up, Package purchace etc?

You can check it from Account detail page.

19. Can we do SIM Registration via MPT4U? How can we do ?

You can do SIM Registration via MPT4U.
Click “Profile” in MPT4U, type your required information correctly on the “My Profile”page and click “Save”. Besides, you can update your information and if it is not correct informaiton , you can edit and save it again. % in My Profile means It is customer’s registered information percentage.

20. I purchase package from USSD and I received Hti Pauk chance SMS also but why it's not showing in MPT4U application ?

After introducing of MPT4U new version, for any kinds of package purchase from any channels including USSD, customer will get chances on MPT4U new version platform. So customer can play on new MPT4U Apps.

21. Is there any Hti Pauk Chance for VAS Services ?

There is no Hti Pauk Chance for VAS services .

22. Does Hti Pauk Chance has expire?What is Hti Pauk History and how many days I check history?

Yes,Hti Pauk Chance will expire in midnight (23:59:59).All Hti Pauk rewards customer can check in Hti Pauk History under Lucky Draw in Main Page & you can check for 7 days.

23. What is Gift icon from Package Puchase page? Who will get Hti Pauk Chance between package gift person and receiver?

It is gift service for all MPT users .Package Receiver will get the Hti Pauk Chance .

24. What’s the MPT4U game service and how to play these games?

From the MPT4U home page, users can play the games by clicking game icon and enjoy.

25. Who are eligible to play the MPT4U games?

MPT users who already installed MPT4U application, can enjoy the games from MPT4U
For the MPT users who still don’t have MPT4U application, can download the app here or dial *4040# to get application for both Android and iOS.

26. How many games are included in MPT4U games?Are there any data charges for playing games?

There at least 5 games will be included.With MPT SIM card data network, no data charges for playing games.

27. Are there free games or need to pay to play the games?

There are two types of games which customers can choose;
• Free games – Users can play the games without paying anything.
• Paid games – Users must pay entry fees to play the games.

28. Are there rewards for free games?

There will be games with free tournaments are included and players will have a chance to get telecom rewards (data, voice, SMS, etc.) and non-telecom rewards (handsets, gold, etc.) base on the ranking in the games.

29. What’s the ranking in the games?

During the tournaments period, the user who play with best score will get the no.1 rank and ranking is based on the game score. If there are same score in the tournament, first one who got the score will get higher rank.

30. What are the rewards for paid games and how much for entry frees?

Users will get MPT mobile balance back base on the ranking on the games.
Entry fees will be started from 99 Kyats.

31. When will users will get their rewards?Will send SMS notification if the win prize?

After the tournaments finish, users will get the rewards within 10 days.Will send SMS notice when rewards deliver to player.
Players can know their ranking in game page during tournaments and after the tournaments finish as well.

32. How will telco rewards validation period effect if player win current tournaments and previous tournaments?

Telco rewards validation is (7)days and will deduct first from the rewards that player got earlier from tournaments.

33. How is the fair competition between players for MPT4U games?

When MPT found that if the players got big score and good ranking in the MPT4U games by using third party software or other applications apart from MPT4U, we’ll put the players numbers in blacklist and this players can’t participate in coming MPT4U games tournaments. MPT will not give any rewards to the players if they’re playing MPT4U games with above mentioned methods.

MPT Club - General Questions

1. What is MPT Club and Why should I join MPT Club?

It’s reward program for all MPT user. It makes your MPT experience better than ever. If you are MPT user, you can join MPT Club and get discount or special gift from MPT and MPT Club partners. You don’t need to pay for MPT Club. Just get it!

2. Who are the eligible customers to the MPT Club program?

MPT Club is for all MPT users who are active; prepaid customers, postpaid customers, GSM, WCDMA and CDMA.

3. How can I register to the MPT Club program?

You can register via one of the below ways. Only one time registration is needed.

  1. USSD Dial *345#
  2. SMS               Send REG M/F to 345 (eg: REG F)

MPT4U app link

Andriod :


4. Do I need to pay any additional cost to subscribe MPT Club?

No, it is free subscription

5. Are there any changes will happen in tariff and packages, if I subscribe to MPT Club?

No, other than getting additional rewards, there is no change if you subscribed to MPT Club.

6. Who are MPT Club Partners?

7. How can I collect MPT Points from MPT?

There are 2 ways to collect MPT Points.

  1. MPT points will be added to customers’ wallet daily with the relevant points calculation based on the usage of MPT mobile services. Subscribers will get points based on their member levels and the previous day usage. Usage means that the amount of money which customer spend for making all transactions from main phone bill wallet. It includes Pay as you go, Packages, Service subscription fees (SDP, IDD and VAS service).
  2. MPT partner shops will provide the points upon the usage at their shops.

8. How can I collect MPT Points from Partner?

MPT partner shop will provide the points upon the usage at their shop. Customer can get MPT Points as per below step.

  1. After payment system is done customer will get automatically with system process and customer can check the point balance via send SMS “BAL” to 345.

9. What is my redemption journey for MPT Services? What do I need to do to redeem MPT Services?

You can dial *345*3*1# and choose to redeem.

But please note that you must have enough to points to redeem.

10. What is my redemption journey with MPT partners? Do I need to show my account to redeem or something else?

You can dial *345*3*2# and choose to redeem MPT partners’ coupons. But please note that you must have enough to points to redeem.

If you choose (decide to redeem) relevant products, you will receive Voucher or order Code via SMS. You can check redemption product from MPT4U app.

You only need to show your voucher or order code at the MPT Partners’ shops to redeem.

Please note that after your redeem you can’t cancel back.

11. In my regions (in my area), there is no MPT partner. What should I do?

Please use MPT service more and accumulate MPT points. MPT will expand the MPT Partners at your area too.

12. Can I use my MPT Points which I received from MPT partners – to redeem MPT service? Reversely, Can I use my MPT Points which I received from MPT – to redeem MPT partners’ services? Is there any restriction?

No restriction at all. You can use every MPT Points to redeem not only MPT services but also any MPT partner’s service.

13. What is the validity of MPT Point I have?

365 Days from your received date. You need to use your MPT Point within 365 days before expiry. There is no accumulation, first received point will expire first.

14. Why I didn’t receive notification SMS?

Point is accumulated base on every usage from main phone bill wallet and customer will start getting notification SMS from 1 point collecting.

MPT Club - MPT Point Redemption Package

1. What are the MPT Point redemption Packages?

MPT offer different service packages (Voice, Data, SMS and Cash) which can be redeemed with your accumulated MPT Points.

For Example – With 199MPT Points, customer can redeem one of these services –      300 MB Data (or) 3,000 On-net SMS (or) 160Kyats Balance.

The service/redemption package validity is 30Days form the redemption date.

Point Mins MB SMS Balance
69 10 40 200 40
119 20 100 1000 80
249 60 300 3000 160
369 100 500 5000 260
499 160 800 8000 350
999 400 2000 20000 720

Note – Voice means On-net voice mins.

SMS means On-net SMS.

Balance can be used for On-net Voice & SMS, Data.

All package prices are inclusive of commercial Tax.

Eligibilities for each service packages per types.

Pack type GSM/WCDMA CDMA GSM “Base” tariff
Voice Y X Y
Data Y X X
Airtime Y Y Y

IDD package – customer can redeem with 499 points for subscription fee to all membership level.

2. Can I redeem more than one package in one calendar day?

You redeem buy multiple times in a day.

3. How it will be charged when I make off-net (MPT to other operator) call while I activating MPT point redemption Package ( Voice or Balance)?

A. For off net calls, it will be charged as per original price plan.

B. All MPT service redemption package can be used for below services.

Type type On-net (including MPT mobiles, MPT fixed lines) Off-net (including Ooredoo/Telenor/MEC)
Voice X
IDD Voice X X
Paid call center lines (e.g. 1876) X X
Purchase and use of VAS including CRBT, Call Forwarding, etc. X X
International SMS X X
Packages (Data) X X

4. I dial valid USSD Code. But I cannot purchase MPT point redemption Why?

If you have not enough points, you cannot purchase MPT point redemption Packages.

If your account is inactive (one-way blocked or two-way blocked), you cannot purchase MPT point redemption Packages.

Please recharge to reactivate your number and try again.

MPT Club - MPT Club Membership program

1. What is MPT Club Member Program?

MPT Club member program is a new promoted program of MPT Club which will give more benefits to MPT Club member.

2. How long do I get the benefits upon my current member level?

You can get the benefit upon your member level till 3 months.

3. How long do I need to wait to reach next member level?

If you have reach to next member level average usage amount customer can jump in next month immediately. Member level can be change monthly base on your usage criteria.

4. How about I can’t maintain current member level usage, will it be change immediately?

Although you can’t maintain current member level usage you can still have a chance to enjoy the current member level benefit till next 3 months.

5. What is the Crown, Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver?

Crown, Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver is the member level of MPT Club member Program. Customer will get the benefits upon current member level respectively.

6. What is the validity of each member level?

The validity of each membership is 3 months. And, you will receive member level notification SMS if you have any changes in your progress of member status in every 1days of the month.

7. What is the meaning of each member level?

The meaning of each member level is as per below table. Every calculating member level will be base on 3 months average usage and MPT SIM card life.

Tier Name Usage Range Point Rate
Diamond Crown Over 30,000 MMK or Diamond usage with Over 1 year MPT sim card) 2.00%
Diamond Over 30,000 MMK or Platinum usage with over 1 year MPT sim card 1.50%
Platinum 10,000 – 29,999 MMK or Gold usage with over 1 year MPT sim card 1.00%
Member -> Gold 5,000 – 9,999 MMK or silver usage with over 1 year MPT sim card 1.00%
Member -> Silver 0 – 4,999 MMK 0.50%


1. What type of phones does the MPT4U which can read LoTaYa articles app work on?

MPT4U app works on all Android based smartphones as well as iPhone. Android version 5.0 and iOS Version 9.0 above user can use. You can read LoTaYa articles via MPT4U app.

2. Can the MPT4U app which allow users to read LoTaYa articles uses on other networks or Wi-Fi?

The MPT4U app which allow users to read LoTaYa articles can work on both Wi-Fi and mobile network.It will be data charges free when you use it with MPT mobile network. To use specific function of LoTaYa which can apply to benefit, MPT network connection is required.

3. Will I be charged to use the MPT4U app which can read LoTaYa articles?

The MPT4U app which can read the LoTaYa articles is free to use when you use with MPT mobile network.

4. What types of content are available on LoTaYa?

There are Variety of update News, Games, Horoscope, Dhamma, Weather, CSR, and Coupon, VAS services like MPT Ring Tune, MNL Online and Infotainment etc.


1. What is LTE+?

LTE+ is fourth generation of mobile phone technology and it offers users much faster connection for a mobile internet experience- up to ten times faster than 3G.

2. What are the benefit of LTE+?

As LTE+ is much faster than current 3G, customer can experience better internet for their mobile web access, HD video streaming, video calling, online gaming, downloading and picture uploading.

3. While I am on LTE+ and go to the places where LTE+ is not available, what will happen? Do I need to turn 3G on again?

No, you do not need to manually turn 3G on again. 3G will be automatically on when you go to the places where LTE+ is not available, and LTE+ will be on back once you reach LTE+ available places.

4. What should I do to use LTE+ service?

  1. Make sure you are in SweThaHar plan.
  2. Your handset should be LTE+ compatible handset which supports 1800 MHz frequency band.
  1. Your SIM card should be USIM to enjoy LTE+ services at anywhere it is available. To check the SIM card,dial *106*5#

5. Can base-tariff users use LTE+ service?

No, base-tariff users cannot use LTE+ service. Since maximum data speed for base tariff users is limited to 256kbps (4ks/min) and 128kbps (2ks/min), they cannot use 4G service. Please subscribe to Swe Tha Har (dial *234*2#) to enjoy the fast speed of MPT 4G/LTE.

6. How do I know if my current SIM is a USIM or not?

You can simply check by dialing *106*5#. If it is old SIM, you can change to LTE+ SIM (USIM) at any MPT branded shops for free and your number will not be changed.

7. How can I turn on LTE+(4G) on my phone?

For iPhone:] Go to settings, choose cellular then go to cellular data options, then choose “voice & data”, there you can choose LTE (4G), 3G, 2G.

[For Samsung:] Go to settings, choose mobile network, then go to network mode and there you can choose LTE/3G/2G

[For Huawei: ] Go to settings and go to more, there you can enable 4G

[For Vivo: ]Go to Settings, choose Mobile Network and go to Network mode, and there you can choose 4G/3G/2G

[For other handsets: ]Go to settings, and go to tethering & networks, then go to Mobile network, and from network Mode you can choose 4G/3G/2G.

8. How can I check my handset is 4G/LTE compatible?

Go to settings and Under Cellular Data Options or Mobile network, if there is 4G/LTE, the handset is 4G compatible. Please note that settings vary depending on the type of handset.


1. What is MPT Pay?

MPT Pay is the most comfortable way to transfer money anytime, anywhere in Myanmar. The service lets users store, send and receive money using their mobile phone via an MPT Pay account.

2. Who can use MPT Pay?

MPT sim users can use the MPT Pay service for FREE with no registration fees.

3. What are the benefits of having MPT Pay account?

With MPT Pay Account, you can use the following services anytime anywhere. – Send Money (P2P) – Airtime Top Up for self and others – Merchant Payment – Bill Payment – ATM Withdrawal – Cash In / Out”

4. How do I register for the MPT Pay account?

From MPT Pay App

Step 1 : Press Sign Up Now menu

Step 2 : Enter Mobile Number and Name

Step 3 : Activate account with Initial PIN from registration notification SMS.

Step 4 : Account activation SMS will be received and you can begin using MPT Pay.

From USSD Menu

Step 1 : Dial *999#

Step 2 : Enter 1 for Myanmar or 2 for English from Language Menu

Step 3 : Enter 1 for registration confirmation

Step 4 : Enter Your Name in English

Step 5 : Enter 1 for name confirmation and you will receive a registration SMS notification

Step 6 : Dail *999# for account activation and follow the instructions

Step 7 : Account activation SMS will be received and you can begin using MPT Pay.”

5 . What should I do if I forget my PIN?

Please call Customer Care 999 and Agent Care 990 for MPT users. 012323990 for other mobile operator users.

6 . Is it possible to change Mobile Number of MPT Pay Account?

Yes, If customer wants to change mobile number of MPT Pay account, please contact Customer Care 999 and follow the process. Once confirmed, funds will be transferred to new sim.

7. How secure is my MPT Pay account?

Each MPT Pay account has its own unique 4 digits PIN, which is known only by customer. For any transactions to be completed, this PIN is mandatory.

8. Whom do I need to contact for becoming MPT Pay Agent/Merchant?

Please call Customer Care number 999.

9. Can I still use MPT Pay if I do not have MPT Pay account? And What do I need?

Yes, you can send/receive money with voucher at MPT Pay Agent locations with your NRC or Passport.

10. What is the MPT Pay Agent?

“MPT Pay Agent is an authorized person who can educate about MPT Pay service and provide following services. – Cash In/ Cash Out from your MPT Pay Account – Voucher Cash Out – Send Money – Upgrade Customer Level”

11. What is the MPT Pay Merchant?

MPT Pay Merchant is an authorized person who can receive eMoney with MPT Pay for buying goods/products.

MPT IPTV Service

About Us

1. What is MPT IPTV service?

MPT IPTV service is a video streaming service that offers a wide variety of local and international TV channels and video contents.

Getting Started

2. How can I watch MPT IPTV?

You can watch MPT IPTV via Android application, iOS application and mobile web version (Only support for Android’s browser).
• For Android application, please get it from below link

• For iOS application, please visit iOS app store and search with “MPT IPTV” (or) click here

• For mobile web version, please click via (or)

• Lo Ta Ya Link (or) by dialing *7373#

3. Is subscription on the app/web compulsory?

You can enjoy content without subscribing the service, but you need to enjoy content on both app with MPT mobile network as non-subscription users (Some features will be limited. E.g., Download VoD option only available on subscription, without subscription cannot download VoD, Customers on network other than MPT cannot watch without subscription).

4. How do I subscribe MPT IPTV?

If you are using MPT mobile network, the app/web will automatically identify your number but will be treated as non-subscription users. As non-subscription users, you can enjoy contents on app/web with MPT mobile network. But some features will not be available. (Eg., Download VOD contents and enjoying IPTV service with other network only possible after subscription)

If you are using non-MPT mobile network or WiFi, you cannot enjoy the contents without subscription. You need to proceed subscription in order to enjoy contents via non-MPT mobile network or WiFi. For subscribing MPT IPTV service in mobile application, we will charge you through your top-up balance amount of your MPT mobile phone number which you use for MPT IPTV service registration.
You can subscribe to the MPT IPTV via its application for non-MPT mobile networks or WiFi.
1)If you want to get MPT IPTV service via SMS, you can send ON to 7373.

2)If you want to get MPT IPTV service from Web / App :
i.Firstly, please ensure you have already “sign-in” to the app/web. Go to “Account” page of the app to check this
a.If the “Account” page displays your mobile number, it means you have already signed-in
b.If the page asks to sign-in, kindly click “sign-in”, add your MPT mobile number, accept T&C and proceed to receive OTP. Enter OTP to sign-in successfully
ii.Once you have “sign-in” to the app, you can proceed by click on “Subscription Management” button on “Account” page of the App/web
iii.Click on “Subscribe” button
iv.Fill in your MPT mobile number and click to get the service button
v.You will receive an OTP code from 7373 shortcode and fill that OTP for the subscription process.
vi.If OTP is correct, you will receive a “Thank you” message from 3737 and, then you can enjoy the MPT IPTV service.

5. Can I use the service outside of Myanmar?

The MPT IPTV is only available within Myanmar territory.

6.What is the minimum Android version and iOS version browser version to install MPT IPTV application? Which browser do you recommend using for the MPT IPTV application?

For Android phone, Android 5.0 and above
For iOS phone, iOS 9.0 and above
Would like to recommend using Chrome browser.

7. What is the available resolution to watch in MPT IPTV application?

For mobile version, it is available in 1K HD (1280*720P) & SD (720*576P).

8. What is the recommended network strength to use MPT IPTV application?

For mobile version, you need to use stable mobile or wifi network with 4 mbps download speed.

Billing and Payments

9. What is the price plan for using MPT IPTV service in mobile?

If you use IPTV service as non-subscription users with MPT mobile network, data charges will be applied. Download VOD feature is not available on non-subscription.

If you use non-MPT mobile network or WIFI, you need to subscribe with 99 Ks/day. You can download VODs as add-on features. (Download VODs only available on App, not available on Web)

10. How can I make the payment for subscribing MPT IPTV service in mobile?

For subscribing MPT IPTV service in mobile application, we will charge you through your top-up balance amount of your mobile phone number which you used for MPT IPTV service registration. (Please see how to subscribe the service via app at Question No. 4)

11. How can I unsubscribe MPT IPTV service for mobile?

For unsubscribing MPT IPTV service in mobile application, you can proceed by click on “Subscription Management” button on “Account” page of the App & Web (or) You can also send OFF to 7373 via SMS.

Product and Service

12.How many TV channels and movies are included in MPT IPTV service?

You can watch around 18 local and international TV channels.
And can also watch 660+ programs with 1000 hours of popular movies and TV shows.

We will continue to add more TV channels and VoD content in the application.

13. What is the TV channels list which are available in MPT IPTV service?

Local Channels
1) 5 Plus
2) Channel 9
3) MRTV Entertainment
4) Mahar TV
5) Fortune TV
6) Channel K
7) Mahar Bawdi
8) YTV

International Channels
1) Star Bharat
2) Star Gold
3) Star Plus
4) Star UTSAV
5) CGTN Documentary
6) Miao Mi
7) Blue Ant/Rock Entertainment
8) Blue Ant/Rock Extreme
9) Smithsonian
10) ZooMoo

14.Can I enjoy IPTV service with my mobile data bonus?

Unfortunately, IPTV service cannot be enjoyed with your mobile data bonus.

App Features

15. How can I choose the streaming quality of video for watching?

The app has adaptive streaming and automatically selects the best quality available according to the network speed to ensure a buffering-free experience.

16. Where can I find the settings on the app?

You can find the settings under “Account” tab in the bottom.

17.Where can I find and manage my subscription on the app?

You can find “Subscription Management” under “Account” tab and can manage your subscription.

18.Where can I change app system language?

You can find language setting under “Account” tab as “English/မြန်မာ” and can change your app system language.

19.Can I download movies in MPT IPTV application?

Yes, you can download movies in MPT IPTV mobile application
After you downloaded a movie, you can watch it in “Downloads” under “Library”.
This feature is only available for subscription users

20.How long can I keep downloaded movies in MPT IPTV mobile app?

You can keep 30 days of downloaded movies in MPT IPTV mobile app.

21.Can I watch the previous TV channels programs?
You can re-watch programs on TV channels within 7 days with the catch-up function.

22.Where can I watch previous TV channels programs?

From the “menu” icon of each channel, you can go to channel details. And then, based on the date tab, you can find the previous TV programs for that channel.

Technical Support

23.How can I do if video stops playing?

Please check network connection first and restart/reopen the App. If the problem is still not solved, please contact customer service for further support.

24.How can I do if video quality is not good?

Video quality is different due to many reasons. Possible reasons:
•Buffer and latency are usually caused by network issues. Please refer to the network bandwidth suggestions and check your network quality.
•Resolution is not as high as expected: when you are watching the live channels on App/web, you can manually change the resolution to HD for better experience.

25.What should I do if a technical problem occurs while enjoying contents on MPT IPTV service?

Please make sure that you have installed the latest version of application, if the issue keeps happen, please record the error code, and share with customer service.

26.How can I do there no sound when enjoying contents on MPT IPTV service?

Please check if you have turned on the sound. If the problem keep happened, please contact customer service for issue report.

27.How can I exit full-screen mode while enjoying MPT IPTV service on app/web?

For App/web, please click return button to exit.

28.Why can’t I use the service with Wifi or other networks after subscribing?

If such issue occurs, kindly try changing the network and then try using the IPTV service again.
If the issue is happening only on single network, kindly check with your network service provider
If the issue happens on all networks, please record the error, and share with our customer service (106).

29.How should I do if you can't watch the video with my current browser?

If you can’t watch the video with your current browser, please use Chrome.

Contact Us

1. How can I get support for MPT IPTV service?

Dial “106” to our customer care hotline for immediate assistance.
MPT Customers: Dial 106/2800
Non MPT Customers: 01-2399106/01-8652800

MPT Dome Pyan Internet Service

1.What is Dome Pyan Home Fiber Internet?

Dome Pyan Home Fiber Internet is Unlimited high-speed internet service with affordable price, which is provided by MPT. 

2. What is different from ADSL?

  • ADSL service is with copper cable access, while FTTH is with optical fiber access.
  • Optical fiber access can provide a more stable internet connection than copper cable. (For example, during the rain, an internet connection will be more stable with optical fiber)

3. What is Dome Pyan Plan?

Monthly Fees Fiber Internet Mobile Benefits (into 5 Mobile Numbers)
32,000Kyats 20Mbps 1GB
100 Mins [On-Net]
Unlimited SMS [On-Net]
43,000Kyats 30Mbps 1GB
100Mins (On-Net)
Unlimited SMS(On-Net)
76,000Kyats 60Mbps 2GB
100Mins (On-Net)
Unlimited SMS(On-Net)
120,000Kyats 110Mbps 3GB
200Mins (On-Net)
Unlimited SMS(On-Net)

4. Is Dome Payn fiber Internet plan data unlimited or not?

Yes, Dome Payn fiber Internet plan is unlimited data.

5. Can I enjoy 15Mbps/25Mbps/50Mbps/100Mbps all the time?

Our service is best effort basis and 15Mbps/25Mbps/50Mbps/100Mbps are the maximum speed customers can enjoy. When the service is used by many customers simultaneously, the speed may be slower than those maximum speed. However, MPT will secure a certain speed for each user to be able to use the internet even when the service is congested.

6.How can I register for Dome Pyan fiber internet plan?

Customer can subscribe at MPT website, nearest MPT counters, MPT’s sale agents, MPT4U application chatbot, and can apply via hotline. For more details, please call to our call center number 2800/18652800.

7. What is the payment term and how should I make payment?

All the customers are required to pay for the service in advance and payment can be made at MPT’s branded shop, MPT Pay application, MPT GSM Top-up payment, e-banking (KBZ, CB, AYA) and other MPT’s partner’s shop and also through by CITY MART၊ JUNCTION၊ OCEAN၊ SUPERONE၊ MYANMA APEX BANK ၊ UNITED LIVING MALL and other MEB payment channels shops easily.

8. How can I check the billing information?

(1) Customer can make a call to hotline 2800/18652800, input your account code, OTP and check the bill.
(2) Customer can check the bill from MPT4U application (auto chatbot system), input your account code, OTP and check the bill.

9. What is the upgrade or downgrade policy?

Customers can upgrade or downgrade the speed at any time. However, in the case of customers downgrade the speed, there will be a one-time fee of 10,000 Ks. And customer needs to apply 5 working days prior to the first day of the month on which upgrade/downgrade becomes effective.

10. Can I stop using Dome Pyan fiber internet plan temporally?

Customers can request for temporary line close for maximum of 3 months with one-time fee of 10,000 Ks. And customer needs to apply 5 working days prior to the first day of the month on which temporary line close becomes effective. These change requests can be applied at MPT’s TRA Shops.

11. When you experience slow internet or disconnection?

Please check following link:

12. How to change username and password ? (Huawei ONU)

Please check following link:

13. How to change username and password ? (ZTE ONU)

Please check following link:

14. My ONU is broken. How should I do?

Firstly, please check the trouble shooting page firstly if it can solve or not:

If necessary, we will deliver to you a new ONU to you with the price of 50,000 Ks.

Bill Payment by MPT Pay

Q.1 What is “Bill payment by MPT Pay ”?

A.1 “Bill payment by MPT Pay ” is the new payment channel for Postpaid and FTTH services monthly invoice and OTI invoice by using MPT Pay application.

Q.2 What kinds of invoice I can pay by this new payment channel?

A.2 You can make payment for all MPT postpaid (PSTN, ADSL, GSM/CDMA, IP Star) and FTTH services monthly invoice and OTI invoice bill.

Q.3 What is MPT Pay ?

MPT Pay is the most comfortable way to transfer money anytime, anywhere in Myanmar. The service lets users store, send and receive money using their mobile phone via an MPT Pay account. You can refer for more detail: also can download MPT Pay application.

Q.4 How to make payment by using MPT Pay?

Open User (or) Merchant (or) Agent account to use MPT pay and payment can be processed as per the instructions.

Q.5 Who can use MPT Pay? How much do we need to pay for the registration?

A.5 MPT Pay users can open with any operators’ mobile. MPT Pay merchant and agent must open with MPT SIM only. Registration fee is FREE.

Q.6 How can I pay Postpaid and FTTH services’ monthly bill by MPT Pay?

A.6 You can make payment by following steps;

1.Login with mobile number “09XXXXXXXXX” and password in User application. Login with Username, Password and Short Code in Agent application.

2.Click “MPT Bills” in Home menu

3.Enter “Account Code“, “Invoice Number” and “Amount” you have to pay and click “Proceed” (OR)  Scan “QR code”       from MPT invoice bill. “Account Code“ and “Invoice Number” will fill automatically in inputs and then you have to enter “Amount” that you have to pay and click “Proceed

4.MPT Pay will show payment transaction “Success/ Failed” with your invoice information. And also you will receive payment successful notification SMS that you registered and verified mobile number for your postpaid and FTTH service.

Q.7 How can I pay OTI bill by MPT Pay?

A.7 Follow A.6 steps to make payment but you must pay full OTI invoice amount by MPT Pay. If you pay less than OTI invoice amount, MPT Pay will pop-up “Failed” to make payment and your OTI full invoice amount .

Q.8 How can I know if payment is successful or not?

A.8 MPT Pay application will show “Success/ Failed” after payment checked. MPT will send SMS for payment confirmation after each payment completed.

Q.9 If I make wrong payment, what should I do?

A.9 Please check your payment record with MPT Pay Call Center (990 or 01-2323990) and present the payment receipt SMS.

Q.10 If I do not receive SMS after payment or how can I check for the payments I paid?

A.10 Kindly contact to MPT Pay Call Center (990 or 01-2323990). If you do not have register contact numbers to receive SMS, please register at TRA and Commercial office. You can also check your payment transactions in MPT Pay “Transaction History” that you can filter with your payment date.

Q.11 How do I update/change the contact number?

A.11 Kindly contact to our call center (106) or at the MPT payment collection counter (TRA) and Commercial office.

Q.12 Can we make payment on behalf of someone ? What is the information need ?

A.12 Yes. You can. You need service owner’s information e.g Invoice No , Account Code and Payment Amount to pay bill.

Q.13 Is there time limitation to make payment ?

A.13  This payment channel is 24/7 payment available and it is online service (fast payment).

Q.14 In case payment is made to re-open the line under suspension by overdue. After payment made, when the line will be re-opened ?

A.14  After payment has been made and covers all the outstanding amount. The suspended line will be re-opened within 2-3 working days after the payment completed.

Q.15 I made payment, but my line is not opened. Why ?

A.15 Firstly, you need to check your payment whether it covered full invoice amount or not. Line will be re-opened after payment for full invoice amount is made.

Q.16 In case my line is being suspended but there is outstanding amount, can I use this new payment channel to make payment for the outstanding ?

A.16 Although your line is being suspended by any reasons, still you can make payment via current channels including MPT Pay. The line will be automatically re-open after the payment completed except in case the line was suspended by request and you wish to re-open the line, you need to request line re-opening at MPT Commercial Office.

Q.17 In case my line has been terminated but there is outstanding amount, can I use this new payment channel to make payment for the outstanding

A.17 Although your line has been terminated by any reasons, still you can make payment via current channels including this new payment channel. But in case you wish to re-connect the terminated line, you need to request line re-connection at MPT Commercial Office.

Q.18 If i make payment more than invoice amount , what can be happened ?

A.18 Payment more than invoice amount , those money will be considered as service owner’s money.

üIf service owner had no outstanding amount , the remaining amount will be recorded as advance balance in service owner’s account.

üIf service owner had other outstanding invoice(s) , the remaining amount will  settle with other invoice in service owner’s account.

Q.19 If I made payment less than invoice amount of Postpaid and FTTH services’ monthly bill, what will happen?

A.19 MRC bill payment less than invoice amount, it will be recorded as partial payment. You need to make more payment to cover the remaining outstanding amount, otherwise the service will be suspended after payment overdue, despite with small overdue amount. OTI payment less than invoice amount, it will not accept from this payment channel. You need to make full OTI invoice payment to cover the remaining outstanding amount, otherwise the service will be suspended after payment overdue, despite with small overdue amount.

Q.20 If I made payment even there is no outstanding amount, what will happen?

ØA.20 The whole payment  will be registered as advance balance.

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